7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Dog

Valentine’s day. Love it or loathe it, it is hard to ignore as February rolls around and the shops are full of Valentine’s day gifts and promotions.

Whether you’re looking forward to being treated by your significant other, or are cheerfully single and more than happy to ignore it all, there is always somebody who will love you and be there for you no matter what – your dog.

Dogs are happy to receive a gift and some special attention no matter what day of the year it is. So, why not spend it letting them know you appreciate them with a thoughtful present and an exciting walk.

In this blog post, we’ll share our pick of the best Valentine’s day dog gifts for that special someone that’ll never let you down no matter what.

A doggy selection box

Chocolate selection boxes are something that all of us looked forwards to receiving on special occasions as kids (and adults too). Now you can buy a specially prepared doggy selection box for your four-legged pal as well, which makes for a great Valentine’s day dog gift.

Check out selection box subscription services for dogs like PawPost, or make up a box of your dog’s favourite treats and toys at home.

A delicious bone

Few things make dogs happier than having a delicious bone to gnaw on, but not all bones are safe or suitable for dogs, so choose with care. We think your dog will love these 28-day aged, grain free beef longhorn chunks, which fit in perfectly with a natural raw food lifestyle, and taste great. Just make sure you choose a bone that is the suitable size for your dog breed, smaller bones for smaller sized dogs, and bigger bones are suitable for larger dogs.

A monogrammed bandana

Help your dog to cut a dashing profile in the park and be the envy of their pack companions by buying them a personalised bandana as a Valentine’s day gift. These swish dog bandanas have a normal collar fastening, and can be embroidered with the name or monogram of your choice.

The couple that plays together stays together

Invest in spending some quality time with your dog this Valentine’s day by choosing an extra special game or toy for you to enjoy together. If you’ve had your eye on something special for your dog for a while, now is the perfect time to get them a special Valentine’s day gift, like this high-flying Chuckit!

A fabulous new bed

Upgrade your dog’s boudoir with a fabulous new bed to help them to dream the nights away in style. Check out these amazing custom-made doggy thrones, which can be designed and built to your exact requirements.

A personalised treat jar (and some treats)!

Dogs love their people more than anything else in the world, but food comes in a close second place, and all dogs take treats very seriously and hold them in very high regard. Give your dog their own special treat jar with their name on it, and fill it up with lots of delicious goodies and snacks to reward your dog for good behaviour, or simply for being themselves.

Your time is more valuable to your dog than anything else

Finally, when shopping around for Valentine’s day dog gifts, never lose sight of the most valuable gift of all, and the thing that your dog prizes above all other things – your time and attention.

Why not dedicate the day to simply relaxing in your dog’s company or perhaps heading out for a special walk or play session, to show your dog that there is no one else you’d rather mark the occasion with.

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