Dog Friendly Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday, or pancake day falls on the 13th February this year. This still leaves plenty of time to stock up on delicious ingredients for the day itself. Your loving friend will probably be keen to get in on the act and bag themselves a snack too.

If you’re looking for inspiration on making some special snacks for your dog, pancakes are quick and simple as well as cheap. They are perfectly fine to give your dog, as long as it is a special treat only, and doesn’t contain anything potentially dangerous. So, let your canine companion enjoy pancake Tuesday along with the rest of the family by checking out our favourite recipes.

A basic pancake mixture for dogs

One of the great things about pancakes (aside from how delicious they are) is that they can be made with ease using cupboard ingredients you’ve probably already got at home. We suggest using flour, eggs, soya milk or almond milk, and a little oil to grease the pan.

To make a few pancakes, you’ll need 100g of plain flour, 300ml of soya milk or almond milk, and two large eggs, as well as oil for cooking.

When you’re making dog pancakes, make sure to not use normal milk, as too much dairy is bad for dogs. Also, be sparing with the oil you use to keep the pancakes from sticking, to avoid your dog piling on the pounds.

What if your dog is allergic to wheat?

If your dog is allergic to wheat or gluten, using regular flour won’t be appropriate, but fortunately, there are lots of gluten-free alternatives available that can be used instead. Coconut flour are available in most supermarkets, or you can try our natural herb Butcher’s Blend which is filled with nutrients perfect for your dog.

Topping suggestions for dog pancakes

If you’re stocking up on sugar, lemon and chocolate spread for Shrove Tuesday, don’t forget to pick up a few alternative toppings for your dog pancakes too! Whilst dogs will usually eat anything they are offered, not everything they might wish to wolf down is good for them. Particularly chocolate spread, which is toxic to dogs.

Here are five dog pancake topping suggestions that your dog will love, and that won’t lead to an upset stomach, as long as your dog doesn’t overeat.

Blueberry pancakes

Blueberries are a dog superfood, and one that many canines enjoy. Top your own pancakes with blueberries and crème fraiche, but skip the crème fraiche and just make it with blueberries for your dog pancakes!

Savoury pancakes

Dog pancakes (and human pancakes, for that matter) don’t have to be sweet. If you want to make pancakes for your dog with the minimum of mess, you might want to think about turning them into savoury wraps for your dog to enjoy.

Pick some of your dog’s favourite veggies like carrots and broccoli, cook and cool, and then place them in the middle of a pancake. Roll the pancake or fold up the sides, and let your dog dig in.

Peanut butter parcels

Peanut butter is another treat that virtually all dogs love, but it is a high-calorie treat that should be reserved for special occasions. So why not fry up some pancakes for your dog with a light topping of peanut butter, then wrap them up into parcels?

Be sure to double-check the ingredients of the peanut butter first to ensure that it’s not made with Xylitol instead of sugar, which is toxic to dogs.

Banana pancake mixture cookies

Most dogs love banana, and it makes for an excellent addition to your pancake recipe too. When you make up your dog pancake mixture, mash some banana into it and then use a cookie cutter or a shape mould to fry them up into treats of around an inch or two thick. Allow them to cool before offering them to your dog.

Pancake pick and mix

Why not integrate some of your dog’s favourite treats and snacks into their dish? Roll a couple of treats into a pancake, or cut a rolled pancake into bite-sized miniatures for your dog to enjoy. You can also cut up your dog pancakes and use them to stuff a toy like a Kong, to provide your dog with an entertaining challenge as well as a treat.

For other treats for your dog, why not browse our raw bones and treats? Treats are not only a tasty and entertaining gift for your dog, but raw meaty bones are also great for their teeth and bones.