Online Dog Communities You Should Join

Sharing stories, tips and advice with other owners and fellow dog lovers is one of the great things about owning a dog. Particularly when you have questions, or are facing challenges of your own. Fortunately, there are a lots of dog forums on the internet designed to give you support, and meet fellow dog-lovers.

So, here at Cotswold RAW, we have searched the internet for the best online dog communities which provide helpful information and discussion. Read on for 9 of our recommended online dog sites.

The Pet Forums Community

Pet Forums is probably the largest pet and companion animal forum in the UK, and is operated by Pets4Homes, the UK’s largest pet classifieds site. Many of our blog readers may already be familiar with it.

The Dog Forums section of the wider community group is active and vibrant, populated mainly by British and Irish dog owners and enthusiasts. The forum discusses everything from diets to the latest shows and events you need to be aware of. It’s also very easy to use and allows you to filter to the topics that interest you most. Additionally, it includes a gallery filled with pictures of dogs, perfect for browsing through in your lunch hour!

The Dog Pages Forum

The Dog Pages Forum is part of the Dog Rescue Pages website, and is another active and lively forum of mainly UK-based users. This is the perfect dog forum to join if your own dog was rescued or you are thinking of adopting a dog.

The Dog Pages Forum is a great resource for dog owners of all types, whether your hound is a show stopping pedigree or a family animal.

The Petful Dog Forum

The Petful Dog Forum is an independent website and online dog community based in the USA, with an international readership which includes lots of members from the UK. The site also includes weekly deals for products from Amazon, weekly recipes for homemade pet treats, and a set of quizzes to test your knowledge.

While this forum is not quite as busy as some others, there are still several new posts each day, and a strong community of members that are always happy to help out and welcome newcomers!

The Agility Addicts Forum

If you own a sporting dog and enjoy taking part in agility training and competitions, or are thinking of getting started and just want to test the waters, look no further than The Agility Addicts Forum. Created way back in 2008, the forum currently has over 115,000 posts filled with updates for the latest events, and advice.

The readership of this dog forum is an international group with a strong UK contingent. You can find everything related to dog agility all in one place, from competition date calendars for the UK and further afield, to training tips and tricks, general chatter, and much more.

Dog Forums

Dog Forums is another international community of dog lovers and owners, and is one of the friendliest dog chat sites on the internet. With a whole sub-forum dedicated to dog health questions, this is a great site to bookmark for later. Sign up if you want to search for previous questions and solutions or ask your own.

The Dog Forum (UK)

Not to be confused with the above-mentioned Dog Forums, The Dog Forum is a UK-based online chat site and directory for dog owners. If you’re trying to find a dog-friendly hotel, need advice on where to go walking, or are looking to chat to other dog owners and share tips and insights, add this one to your list of handy resources.

Always find what you’re looking for, and filter results by accommodation, restaurants and pubs, attractions, pet shops and many more. It also includes a discounts page so that you can find the latest deals that are perfect for your dog.

The Labrador Forum

Own a Labrador retriever? The Labrador Forum is the place for you! One of the most enduringly popular dog breeds in the world, it makes sense that the Labrador has its own dedicated forum. So, bookmark this online dog community as your one-stop shop for all of your Lab chat and questions.

The forum covers everything from responsible ownership, training and care tips, and more complex areas such as genetics and breeding Labs for improvement. It is a rich online resource as well as a great site to read and engage with to gain a better insight into your own dog.

German Shepherds Chat Room

Another breed-specific dog community is the German Shepherds Chat Room, which is actually a dog forum rather than a real-time chat room. This website contains a mixture of American and international members, and includes chat, news and views on both the German Shepherd breed, and dogs as whole.

Many other popular breeds also have their own dedicated dog forums too – so ask around, and you are sure to find the perfect place for you own breed as well.

My Pet People

Want to find the best services for your dog in the area you live? My Pet People offers a quick and easy way to find the best businesses that offers all the services your four-legged friend could possibly need. Whether it is dog day care, grooming, boarding, pet shop, dog sitter or walker, they will find the best people for the job.

Started by the Pet Industry Federation, who has more than 60 years’ experience working with businesses involved in the UK pet industry, so you’re guaranteed that all the services listed are qualified members of PIF.

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