Product Highlight: Cotswold RAW Herbal Supplements

If you want to give your dog a little extra boost at mealtimes try incorporating specially designed raw dog food supplements into their diet to enhance the nutritional value of their food, without compromising your natural raw feeding ethos.

One of the advantages of feeding raw dog food is that you can maintain greater control over your dog’s diet, and fine-tune their meals to meet their specific needs and address any particular concerns.

Feeding a raw dog food diet doesn’t have to be difficult, and a properly planned raw diet will provide everything your dog needs to thrive and stay healthy!

Cotswold RAW Butcher’s Blend

Our Butcher’s Blend raw dog food supplement is a carefully designed herbal mixture that contains all of the vitamins, minerals and trace elements your dog needs to stay healthy. We add Butcher’s Blend to all of our nutritionally complete raw meals, but you can also buy Butcher’s Blend as a standalone product to incorporate into the raw dog food meals that you prepare at home.

Butcher’s Blend is available in 250g, 500g and 1kg sizes, and contains a perfectly balanced mixture of natural ingredients like sea kelp, milk thistle, dandelion, nettle leaf, turmeric and spirulina.

Here are some of the benefits that adding our Butcher’s Blend raw dog food supplement to your dog’s diet can provide:
• Maintaining healthy skin and a glossy coat.
• Protecting your dog’s glandular system.
• Supporting healthy digestion.
• Helping to ease issues like arthritis, kidney stones and gall bladder problems.
• Boosting your dog’s antioxidant levels to neutralise free radicals and help to protect the liver.
• Promoting health and regeneration at a cellular level to keep your dog mentally and physically fit as they get older.
• Nourishing the skeletal system to support healthy bones and joints.
• Offering your dog the added boost of natural antifungal, antibacterial, antiparasitic and antiviral agents to strengthen their immune system and keep them fighting fit.

These are just some of the benefits that Butcher’s Blend can provide for your dog. To read the full ingredient listing and for more details on how Butcher’s Blend can help your dog, please view our comprehensive product information.

Cotswold Joint Care

Cotswold Joint Care is specially designed to support regeneration of the cartilage and synovial fluid within your dog’s joints, to help to keep them strong and flexible for life and to slow down the progression of age-related joint disorders.

Our Cotswold Joint Care supplement is incorporated into all of our senior dog meals, and can also be purchased separately in 250g and 500g tubs.

Cotswold Joint Care contains a powerhouse blend of active nutraceuticals, chondroitin, collagen, glucosamine, glutamine and MSN, carefully balanced in the appropriate quantities.

Here is how adding Cotswold Joint Care to a raw dog food diet can help to keep your dog supple and flexible well into old age:
• Rebuilding the natural cushioning structures within your dog’s joint fluids and surrounding tissue.
• Maintaining elasticity of the tissues throughout your dog’s body.
• Promoting collagen formation and helping to combat arthritis.
• Cushioning the joints to protect them when moving, and hydrating the skin to keep your dog supple.

Cotswold RAW Diaturm

Cotswold RAW Diaturm helps to support natural digestive health and maintain the proper balance of healthy gut bacteria.
Containing organic turmeric, chamomile and freshwater food-grade diatomaceous earth, Diaturm is available in 250g, 500g and 1kg sizes, and can help to keep your dog fit for life regardless of their age or lifestyle.

Introducing raw dog food supplements into your dog’s diet

All of our complete raw dog food meals are carefully balanced to incorporate the right blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep your dog healthy and support their immune system and general health.
However, if you want to fine-tune your dog’s meals with raw dog food supplements, Cotswold RAW’s complete range of add-in products are perfectly designed to complement any complete raw food diet.

Always follow the feeding guidelines when adding raw dog food supplements to your dog’s meals, and if your dog has a health condition or is on any medication, speak to your vet first, just to be on the safe side.
To shop our range of Cotswold RAW Herbal Supplements, check out our range.