Product Spotlight: Cotswold RAW Beef Sausages

Cotswold RAW food is designed to provide all your dog’s nutritional requirements in a biologically appropriate, natural format, comprised of top-quality ingredients. In this post we highlight one of our most popular offerings: our Cotswold RAW Beef Sausages for dogs.

There’s More to Our Sausages Than Meets the Eye

Whenever you’re frying up some sausages in the kitchen, one thing you can always rely on is the presence of a highly enthusiastic and ever-hopeful canine assistant. But supermarket sausages are high in fat therefore should only be fed to dogs as an occasional treat, and only to nibble on.

So, give your canine companion some sausages that are good for them. Our raw sausages designed for dogs contain the right mixture of quality cuts of muscle and organ meat, bone material, fresh seasonal vegetables, and protein, along with the nutrients that your dog needs to thrive.

When it comes to feeding dogs, Cotswold RAW believes in giving our favourite companions a balanced diet delivered in a highly palatable, easy to digest natural format containing top quality meat protein and selected nutrients that will help to keep your dog fit for life.

Our Beef Sausages don’t contain any waste products, filler, or nasty additives and won the Grocer New Pet Product 2017 award. Our company has won numerous awards over the years including the PQ award for excellence in the pet product industry in 2016.

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for Dogs Without the Fuss

Like all of the products within our complete Cotswold RAW food range, our beef sausages are designed to enable you to feed a complete and balanced raw diet to your dog, that is fine-tuned to meet their needs at every life stage and for every activity level.

We used our know-how and experience of feeding a raw diet to dogs successfully and safely and in collaboration with a leading veterinary nutritionist to create our Cotswold RAW Beef Sausages. Our product comes in a convenient, portion-controlled format that takes the mess and guesswork out of creating BARF meals for your dog at home.

To enable you to choose and feed the most appropriate type of raw food to your dog that takes into account their energy levels, age and lifestyle we created two ranges of beef sausages for you to choose from.

80/20 Active Complete Beef Sausages

Our 80/20 Active complete beef sausages are designed to meet the needs of healthy, active dogs, whether your dog’s days consist of lots of time spent outside walking, playing and running around, they’re involved in canine sport or they carry out a working role.

Good nutrition, and ensuring that your dog gets enough energy from their meals to withstand the rigours of their day-to-day lives is really important for active, lively dogs. Our 80/20 Active beef sausages are designed to provide just this, incorporating 80% raw meat and bone and 20% high quality carbs and natural herbal supplements.

70/30 Less Active Complete Beef Sausages

For dogs that are older or less active, we recommend choosing our 70/30 Less Active beef sausages, comprised of 70% raw meat and bone with 30% high quality carbs and the nutrients your dog needs to stay fit and well.

All of our Cotswold RAW Beef Sausages for dogs come ready to feed after defrosting. You can measure out your dog’s portions exactly thanks to the individual sausage links within each pack. This helps you to take the guesswork out of feeding raw, as well as providing the added convenience of being quick and fuss-free to serve up when your hungry dog is clamouring for their dinner.

Cotswold RAW’s Beef Sausages are delivered frozen and can be placed straight into your own freezer at home, enabling you to stock up with plenty of meals for your dog in advance. Just defrost your dog’s sausages in the refrigerator before feeding, where they will keep for two to three days.

Don’t forget to check out the other beef products in the complete Cotswold RAW food range too, to offer your dog a varied diet of textures and flavours in keeping with the way that dogs naturally eat.