Switching to RAW | Cotswold RAW

Why choose Cotswold RAW food for dogs?
Here at Cotswold RAW, we believe in feeding dogs a balanced diet that is nutritionally appropriate and delivered in a highly palatable format.

Our full range of Cotswold RAW food for dogs is intended to provide a cost-effective alternative for busy dog owners who are keen to feed their dog the type of foods that they would naturally choose in the wild – but that don’t have the time or know-how to create a bespoke-designed BARF diet from scratch.

Introducing your dog to a raw food diet
Cotswold RAW food for dogs is highly palatable and designed to appeal to your dog’s senses, and if they’re already fed a raw diet, the transition will be quick and seamless. This means that you can start feeding your dog full portions of our food right away.

If your dog currently eats kibble or a commercial wet food, the new food should be introduced slowly over about a week. This allows your dog to adjust to the change and ensures that their natural gut bacteria and digestive enzymes aren’t compromised during the transition.

If you want to find out more about introducing our dog food tester pack meals to your dog, check out our handy guide to getting started. For information on how much Cotswold RAW food to feed to your dog, you can find an easy reference chart and further guidance here.

If you are looking for a new dog food, trial packs can help you to sample different options without the need to commit to a large purchase before you’ve found the right fit. Dog food tester packs provide a great opportunity for your dog to try a new brand and make sure that they like it and that it suits their requirements. Here at Cotswold RAW we offer a special raw dog food trial pack to help you to do just this.

In this blog post, we’re shining the spotlight on our Cotswold RAW Food Trial Pack to highlight the benefits of our food and share some tips on introducing it into your dog’s diet.

More about our Cotswold RAW dog food trial pack
We’ve designed our dog food tester pack to provide a sampling of our most popular offerings, for dog owners who might be considering feeding Cotswold RAW food for the first time. Our food is designed for those who want to begin feeding a biologically appropriate raw diet to their dogs without the fuss.

Our dog food tester pack is designed to meet the needs of fit, active dogs, providing them with all of the energy they need to support a healthy lifestyle. They contain only top quality raw meat and bone with fresh seasonal veggies and the right balance of nutrients.

What’s in the dog food tester pack?
The Cotswold RAW dog food trial pack contains a total of 3kg of nutritionally balanced raw dog food in three of our most popular flavours.

These two raw food variants are chosen from our 80/20 Active range, and made of 80% raw meat and bone, and 20% high quality carbs and natural herbal supplements to keep your dog fit for life. Once you reach the checkout for our trial pack you request whichever flavours you think your dog might prefer.

Your Cotswold RAW dog food trial pack contains:

• 3 x 80/20 Active Mince (Beef / Lamb / Chicken)
• 3 x 80/20 Active Sausage (Beef / Lamb / Chicken)

Our trial pack costs £19.95 including postage. Cotswold RAW food for dogs is delivered frozen to ensure that it arrives in optimum condition, and can be placed straight in your freezer to defrost later, or stored in the fridge if you’re keen to get started quickly. It arrives in sustainable Woolcool packaging that can be returned or recycled easily.