The 5 Best Instagram Accounts for Dog Owners and Lovers

There are a large number of famous Instagram dogs with follower counts to rival even those of the most popular celebrities! If you are on your lunch break or just sitting at home and looking for some funny dogs to follow, discover our 5 favourite Instagram accounts for dog owners and dog lovers.

Raw Tails

If you are interested in changing your dog’s diet to raw dog food, check out rawtail’s Instagram, consistently updated with images and tips about feeding raw, as well as short success stories about feeding raw from up and down the country. They have some excellent before and after shots!

Perfectly Rawsome

Perfectly Rawsome have some great guides on how to feed raw, and their Instagram is filled with meal ideas and tips, along with some great photo examples of how to feed raw dog food. While not always the prettiest of Instagram’s, it is a great place to get mealtime inspiration for your dog!

Ramsey the Blue Staffy

Ramsey is an undeniably handsome Staffordshire bull terrier that tops our list of the best dog Instagram accounts to follow, and this distinctive blue-coated boy is one of our favourites. He’s fun-loving, lively, and full of beans – and he’s also lucky enough to enjoy a raw food diet to support his active lifestyle and keep him looking good for his fans!

You can check out what Ramsey’s been up to lately by following his account, @bluestaffy.

Marnie the Dog

When it comes to famous Instagram dogs, they don’t come much more high-profile than Marnie – this social media darling has a follower count in the millions.

Marnie is one of the best-known canine superstars on dog Instagram, and she got a real second chance at life when she was adopted at the grand old age of 11 – and she’s now 16 and still going strong.

Marnie is an awesome fluffy little Shih Tzu, and a true ambassador for both her breed, and the benefits of adopting an older dog. Find her feed at @marniethedog.

Loki the Wolfdog

Loki the Wolfdog is a large, lively wolfdog hybrid, with husky, malamute, and Arctic wolf ancestry. He likes long walks on the beach, fine dining, and stimulating conversation, and he’s not adverse to getting his paws wet either.

Loki has the kind of lifestyle that most humans are jealous of – he’s travelled across much of the USA with his person, and he’s an avid snowboarder too.

Check Loki out at @loki_the_wolfdog to find out more about what he’s up to and where he’s been lately!

Doug the Pug

If dog Instagram awarded a prize for the most comical dog, Doug the Pug would almost certainly be the winner. He’s been dominating the funny dog Instagram game for several years now, during which time he’s built up a subscriber count of over three million.

Doug is a keen follower of fashion and loves to show off his latest looks, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously and is more than happy to share some of his silly moments too. Check Doug out at @itsdougthepug to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Dogs of Instagram

If you want to get your daily dose of puppy pics, active adults, senior dogs and funny dog Instagram posts all in one place, you need to check out Dogs of Instagram. This feed brings together all of the most famous Instagram dogs and up-and-coming young whippersnappers on one handy page, which makes this the go-to account for the best of dog Instagram if you only want to follow one feed.

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