Will feeding RAW make my dog hyperactive or nervous?

Raw food is the natural diet for dogs and has a beneficial effect on both physical health and behaviour. The behavioural benefits are recognised but little understood. Some believe that problem behaviour in dogs can be linked to artificial additives in processed foods. Research into omega-3 fatty acids (which are abundant in raw food made with high quality, grass-fed meat) has shown that they maintain mood levels and a sense of well being. The respected animal behaviourist, Julia Langlands ACFBA, believes that whereas high protein kibble can often exacerbate existing nervousness, fear and hyperactivity for some reason raw food, which is high in protein, does not. She believes the answer lies in the gut which plays host to many beneficial bacteria and chemicals which influence self-control, mood balance and feelings of happiness and contentment (90% of serotonin is stored in the gut). Communication between brain and gut is influenced by gut health and raw meat and bones improve the health and balance of the gut.

If your dog is exhibiting behavioural problems diet may well be a contributory factor. recipes high in trytophan, which is abundant in poultry, especially turkey, have been found to improve matters. Should the problem continue please contact us.

Will feeding a raw diet make my dog more aggressive?

There is no causative relationship between eating raw meat and aggression. It has nothing to do with what a dog is fed and has everything to do with socialisation. The hunting instinct is an ingrained primal one and the sight of an animal running can bring this out in any dog no matter what they are fed. Once socialised, dogs can easily distinguish between what they are protecting and what they should be eating.

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