Getting started

How do I get started? How do I switch from processed food to your raw diet?

Most dogs will wolf down the tasty raw food immediately. For the more cautious, gradually transition to Cotswold RAW over seven days, feeding raw and a good quality, grain free kibble in alternating, separate meals. 

Can I feed Cotswold RAW food and kibble at the same time?

A raw diet is better for your dog and so we recommend not feeding kibble at all. However, we all lead busy lives and kibble has the benefit of a long shelf life and hence is more readily available. If you must feed kibble, find a top quality, grain-free product and use it as a 'back-up'. Many raw feeding nutritionists suggest not mixing rawfood with kibble in the same meal (as different enzymes are required to digest protein and carbohydrate) but in our experience most dogs can cope, Your dog will probably be the one who will let you know which it prefers. However it's best to think of it as you would feed yourself - maybe a ready meal when you get back late from work but a wholesome meat and two veg at the weekend!

Why is my dog drinking less water daily? Should I be concerned?

No, there is absolutely no reason to be concerned. Unlike kibble, raw food is full of naturally occurring moisture. Kibble needs a lot of water to re-hydrate whereas all the moisture needed to digest raw food is contained within it.

Having said that, always ensure that your dog has an adequate supply of fresh water available.

How Much and How Often?..