Welcome to Cotswold RAW

Cotswold RAW complete meals contain all the building blocks for a natural and biologically appropriate raw diet.

Our easy to handle sausage and mince meals are made in the Cotswolds using fresh, seasonal ingredients and our aim is to deliver the convenience of a processed food with all the health benefits of a fresh and varied raw diet.  Naturally high in protein, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids required for a happy and healthy life. 

Why RAW?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diets contain fresh raw meat and bones, seasonal fruit and vegetables and natural minerals and are designed to replicate a dog's natural diet.

Dogs and cats are carnivores and the structure of their teeth, jaws and digestive system is designed to deal with natural prey. Our Cotswold RAW complete meals provide all the benefits of this species-appropriate diet, delivered to your door and in easy to handle sausages or mince form. 

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Our Cotswold RAW Recipes

Canine nutritionists differ as to the ideal relative proportions of raw, meaty bones to vegetables. Our standard recipe, specially prepared to meet the nutritional requirements of an active working dog, follows the 80/20 rule - 80% raw, meaty bones and 20% fresh seasonal vegetables and botanicals.

We also offer a range of raw meaty bones - prepared in our own DEFRA approved production facility and from the same quality assured British farms and abattoirs as our Cotswold RAW complete meals.