We are Cotswold RAW

An independent, family run company, producing delicious and nutritious raw dog food.

It started with our dogs - when we switched their diets to raw food, there was such an improvement in their wellbeing, we started to explore recipes of our own. All the meals we produce are nutritionally complete, developed with our veterinary consultant, because we only want what’s best for our dogs in their dinners..

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If dogs could cook, they wouldn't If dogs could cook, they wouldn't

Why RAW?

Our meals are designed to replicate a dog's natural diet.

Dogs are carnivores. Their teeth, jaws and digestive system are structured for them to eat natural, raw protein. The Cotswold RAW formula is a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet, which means it features raw meat, bones, herbs and seasonal vegetables - all expertly developed to replicate a dog’s natural diet.

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