Which food to choose?

What’s the difference in your recipes?

All our recipes provide the nutrients that a dog needs. Our 80/20 recipe is specially formulated for the ACTIVE working dog. We also have an enhanced 90/10 recipe for working dogs that have a need for extra ENDURANCE. Our 70/30 range is suitable for ALL BREEDS and contains less fat and more vegetables.

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Why do you recommend feeding different recipes?

Dogs can develop intolerances to individual protein sources (especially chicken) so we recommend feeding a varied diet of different recipes. Dogs can also just get bored with the same old stuff even when it tastes as good as Cotswold RAW! Also some of our recipes do not contain bone and we recommend either varying the diet with a recipe that does or, alternatively, giving a raw meaty bone for nutritional and recreational purposes at regular intervals.

Can puppies be given a raw diet?

Absolutely, after around six weeks. The raw diet would have been the staple diet on to which animals in the wild weaned their young. Unless there is a medical issue the puppy’s digestive system will be able to cope with the diet.  As a guide feed 2-3% of their target adult bodyweight per day. 

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What is in the Puppy recipe?

Puppies need the same amount of protein and minerals and slightly more calcium than adult dogs. We also add Diaturm™, our natural worming supplement, to our puppy recipe.

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At what age can a puppy change to Cotswold RAW Adult recipe?

There’s no hard and fast rule but we recommend changing over at around 20 weeks. Some puppies continue on our puppy product for 12 months.

What is in the Senior recipe?

Older dogs need less food generally and less protein in particular. Conversely they need help with their aching joints. For this reason our Senior recipe contains additional glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and hyaluronan. 

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