How Does Feeding Raw Dog Food Help Teeth and Bones?

Raw dog food has many benefits, including keeping dog's teeth and gums healthy. Over time, plaque builds up on dogs teeth, caused by bacteria from food and saliva, which then hardens to become tartar. Similar to humans, if this is not treated it can cause dental problems such as gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss and even loss of jaw bone.

To keep teeth and gums healthy in the wild dogs would gnaw on the bones of their prey, a practice which chewing on our raw bones simulates. While you still have to get them checked, it can be helpful for dogs who are prone to gum disease. Our complete meals might also support a dog’s dental health, as raw dog food also contains naturally occurring enzymes, which helps to protect teeth and gums.

While eating a raw dog food diet can't eliminate the problem, carbohydrates found in processed kibble can make gum disease worse, due to the high levels of sugar in the food. Switching to raw may help to control a dog’s gum disease. 

Why do you include ground bone in Cotswold RAW complete meals? 

Our recipes include ground raw bone which will provide all the above mentioned nutrients. However, in order to promote healthy teeth and gums and provide all the behavioural and emotional benefits of chewing on a bone you should still feed raw meaty bones at regular intervals.

Is it safe to feed bones?

Only if they are raw. Cooked bones are low in moisture and can easily split or cause choking. Raw bones are rich in natural moisture, softer, more flexible and easily digested in the low pH of a dog stomach. Simply give one to your dog at regular intervals for them to gnaw at and improve tooth, mouth and gum health. Bones and chews also provide your dog with an outlet for natural species-appropriate behaviour and chewing releases calming endorphins.

Some bones may last longer than others and some may be too hard for young dogs or older dogs with weaker teeth. Please choose the most appropriate bone or chew for your dog from the selection we offer. Choose a bone about as big as the dog’s head – too big to swallow but small enough to handle. Always supervise your dog with a bone.

Check out our range of raw bones here. For more information about raw dog food, read about the benefits here.

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