Feeding your dog a balanced diet is one of the most important elements of providing them with the appropriate care and management that they need to keep them healthy for life. However, an appropriate dog diet isn’t the same as a human diet, and dogs need a different balance of macronutrients, as well as different quantities of vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy. So, if you are asking the question “what should my dog be eating”, read on as we share five tips to ensure that you give your dog a healthy, balanced diet for life.  Provide the right combination of nutrientsAll d..
I can’t believe the outdoor agility season is now over for another year (big heavy sigh from all of us!).  Where did that time go?  However, Flyte had one last exciting event to participate in as our agility season culminated with The Animal Health Company Classic Final held in conjunction with the Autumn Food & Country Fair at the East of England Showground.  This one is a unique event in the agility world with all three Kennel Club heights of dog competing against each other.  With regional heats around the country, we were one of the 40 finalists attending the Octobe..
Not only are dogs rightfully deemed man’s best friend, but owning a dog has many health benefits. With this in mind, it’s only fair that we should have the same regard for their health as we do our own. So, in celebration of Pet Obesity Awareness Day here are 5 tips to help you get your dog’s weight back on track. Dog weight and obesity, is often overlooked. With this in mind, here are 5 great tips for helping your canine friend lose weight. Remember, always consult with your vet before deciding to put your dog on a diet, and ask for advice as different breeds of dog have different diet a..
Who works in store?Paul Fox – Founder/DirectorPaul has been working with dogs since 2006 and identified a gap in the market for a hypoallergenic, affordable dog food made with entirely natural ingredients. Using this as a departure point he spent the next few years researching and sourcing the best possible food before opening the flagship Betty & Butch dog store in Chorlton in 2011..  Angel Moore – DirectorFor all of his life Angel has had a passion for animals and in 2006 he left his career in merchandising to found, a boutique dog groomers and Reiki centre. It became clear tha..
Dogs are very food-oriented animals, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Incentivising your dog with treats to teach new skills helps to build up strong memory pathways and improve compliance. Yet many of our canine companions are also very opportunistic scavengers, who have no concept of the foods that are poisonous for dogs.It can be really hard to control a scavenging dog, or one who will think nothing of stealing your dinner off the table as soon as your back is turned. Therefore, as a dog owner, it is important to be vigilant.  So, in this article, we will look at 9 foods you s..
If you have just moved to London or have recently joined the ranks of the city’s dog owners, knowing where to take your dog to exercise and socialise can be a challenge. However, when it comes to finding good spots to take your dog walking, London has many hidden gems.London’s canine community is large and diverse enough that there are several dog walking clubs and groups dotted around the capital, which arrange regular meetups and dog walks in London.For city dogs and owners of the urban pup-about-town, check out our top picks of six of the best dog meetups in London you should try.Mutts and ..
What have we been up to this September?  Well, so far this month has been filled with leafy countryside walks, fun at the beach under big Norfolk skies, agility training days and agility shows, three so far, Agility Nuts, North Derbyshire and Dog Vegas. This Autumn has seen Team Flyte in agility transition mode, adjusting to life in Grade 6 and I have to say we are loving the new challenges that come with promotion to a higher level.  I wasn’t entirely sure we were ready to face courses with a higher degree of difficulty but we have had some really cool runs, putting into practi..
One uncomfortable truth about the UK as a “nation of dog lovers” is that there are always far more dogs in need of homes than there are homes ready to take them on. Adoption shelters across the country are perpetually full to bursting with abandoned and unwanted dogs, as supply far outstrips demand.Adopting a dog or puppy rather than buying gives dog lovers a chance to make a huge difference in the life of the dog that they choose, it also supports the important work of canine charities, shelters and rehoming organisations. Even if you have a very clear idea of the breed or type of dog th..
The 10th September this year is official Hug Your Hound Day. Although there is never a bad time to give your dog a hug and remind them of how much you love and appreciate them, the day provides a great opportunity to do something special with your dog.Well socialised dogs are happy dogs, so if you are searching for ideas on how to keep your dog happy and want to give your dog the chance to run safely off the lead, read on. Here are our top picks of the very best dog parks and dog-friendly areas to visit, and where to find them.Four Paws Field, Wooton Bassett, SN15Four Paws Field in Wooton Bass..
If you are a dog owner, you will, no-doubt, know what motivation works for your dog when training, whether it’s throwing their favourite toy as a reward, using a clicker, or feeding small treats. But if you have only just bought a new puppy, or have never trained a dog using food before, or maybe not even trained a dog at all, here are a few helpful tips about using food during training.Training is a very intense experience for a dog, and learning new things can either be incredibly stressful for both dog and owner, or hugely rewarding. Dogs obviously don’t interact in the same way as we do, s..
What a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend for all of us basking in glorious sunshine with temperatures rising to the high twenties in some areas of the country.  Perfect conditions for three days of agility fun at the British Agility Association Finals Weekend hosted by Taming Canines. We love attending the Taming Canines shows which draws a great bunch of people to a very welcoming and friendly environment.  With her endless enthusiasm and boundless energy, Hayley Laches organises six indoor winter shows and five outdoor summer shows each year.  Perfect for beginners and exper..
What a wonderful couple of weekends of agility competition we have enjoyed taking in both the Border Collie Classic and The Kennel Club International Agility Festival right here on our doorstep in beautiful rural Leicestershire and Rutland (England’s smallest county).  The Border Collie Classic is a large international agility competition open to Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs.  The competition was originally founded in the Netherlands and moves to a different country each year. This year was the turn of the UK to play host.  Alongside the BCC, the Agility Secrets Ken..
Bacterial diversity is important. The health of the gut flora or micro biome is ofcritical importance to the health of the host, dog or human. Animals have acomplex ecosystem containing trillions of bacteria cells in thousands ofdifferent bacterial species. Many of us will ‘top up’ the bacteria in our gutby taking a pro-biotic such as Yakult, Actimel or live yoghurts which containshundreds of billions of bacteria in every litre. For optimal effect bacteria inour gut need to be in balance. Cotswold RAW offer a range of herbal supplements to use to maintain a natural, healthy micro biome. All Co..
We were anticipating an exciting day of agility as we set off at a very early hour for the Dog Vegas Finals last weekend.  Cromford Meadows in the Derwent Valley was our destination.  Agility at a UNESCO World Heritage site, in the shadow of a series of 18th and 19th century cotton mills and an industrial landscape of high historical and technological interest is something that doesn’t happen every day.  The modern factory owes its origins to the mills at Cromford, where Richard Arkwright’s inventions were first put into industrial-scale production alongside the Cromfo..
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