We’ve been following the BBC’s ‘Trust Me I’m a vet’ series with some concern.The first programme highlighted the deficiencies in the mineral content of processed pet foods. ‘Processed’ foods comprise the dry ‘kibbles’ and wet cans or pouches that have been subjected to high temperatures and pressures. No raw foods were tested. The second programme contained an outrageous attack on raw feeding. We would have expected the BBC to provide some unbiased commentary but it did not and one wonders why. Their big issue was that raw food contains bacteria which they proved by getting a sack of raw meat,..
What words spring to mind when I think about our day at the Lincoln Agility Enthusiasts Show?  Well .....  fantastic show in all respects,  super courses, Team GB Performance Weekend, awesome dogs, sunshine and perfect conditions AGAIN and ice-cream! I loved how the judges had set their courses this weekend, embracing the new KC minimum distance between agility obstacles rule.  This rule was introduced in January this year to address concerns raised by the agility community regarding the health and welfare of competing dogs.  It’s hoped that by increasing the dist..
What an enjoyable two days of competition Easter has brought us.  We spent Good Friday at The Adams Easter Agility Show at Catton Hall nr. Burton on Trent and Easter Saturday at the Norfolk Dog Training Club Society Agility Show at the Norfolk Showground just outside Norwich.We had a few wild moments in the ring to begin with, possibly fuelled by the blustery conditions, but they were fun runs nonetheless resulting in either 5 faults or an elimination, but once we settled down, some good results followed. Our main focus this holiday weekend were the various qualifiers which were on o..
Well, luck was on our side again this weekend both weather-wise and success-wise.  It certainly was a sunny Scunthorpe show with temperatures soaring to an unbelievable 24 degrees in early April! Scunthorpe is one of my favourite shows of the year held at the Winterton Showground just south of the Humber Bridge, a venue which offers a perfect running surface for both dogs and handlers.  It’s always a show which is well run by the Scunthorpe Obedience & Agility Training Club in conjunction with Lions Club of GB Winterton Lions who also provide delicious refreshments including..
We have been enjoying some fine examples of agility in this recent fine spring weather. Firstly a wonderful day down in Lechlade, with our friends from the Vizla Agility League, a delightful group and very welcoming. Lots of fun was had by all the participants. We are also pleased to announce that Maria Jenkinson and her dogs Flyte and Jasmine had a resounding success at the Agility Nuts KS Show. Huge congratulations to them and Maria has written a little blog on the day, see below.There is always something extra special about the first outdoor Kennel Club agility show of the year. The ex..
The arrival of Spring marks the start of the outdoor agility season. We are visiting the Vizla Agility League in Lechlade again on Friday 31st March.  It is always such a fun day and a lovely close knit group. Raw feeding is a huge part the agility community and is how we met Maria Jenkinson and her dogs Flyte and Jasmine. We are very excited to be sponsoring them during their outdoor season in 2017; Maria has 6 shows in April alone and we will be updating you with her progress. As a start Maria has written a short blog for us introducing her and her lovely dogs.I am based near Melto..
Over the past two years we have been closely following the amazing transformation of our local Dogs Trust Evesham, in nearby Wickhamford, literally a short dog walk from our own production facility here at Cotswold RAW.We were very kindly invited for a tour by Mary Jones and Julie Young, our local star fundraisers and volunteers with the Trust.  We met Julie and Mary at their amazing Dog Show at The Valley last August, which formed part of their annual challenge to raise £10,000 for local needs at The Dogs Trust.Sarah Fortey, Home from Home Co-ordinator at Dogs Trust Evesham gave u..
All our complete meals include a selection of naturally occurring herbs with the trace elements, vitamins and minerals required for optimum health. Amongst those that we use are;Nettle leaf has long been used for its positive benefits to the body. Nettle is a natural anti-histamine and may alleviate allergic symptoms in dogs. It is also good for skin and coat condition, improved circulation and kidney function.Turmeric contains a mix of phenolics known as curcumin which is a strong anti-inflammatory and anti -parasitic agent. It is also has powerful..
After a very successful 2016, Cotswold RAW are undertaking a crowdfunding exercise, beginning in January. This is a process that will enable us to grow to the next stage in our development and capitalise on the momentum created in 2016. It will also be a fantastic opportunity to bring a wider range of pet owners to the healthy benefits of feeding a natural, healthy raw diet. Raising awareness of better overall pet nutrition. More details will be released in the coming week but please use our landing page www.cotswoldraw.com/crowdfunding be..
There are several reasons for giving your dog a bone. They provide essential nutrition but gnawing a bone also releases calming endorphins that promote a sense of well-being (resulting in a happy dog). Bones also clean their teeth into the bargain. This article is not about the behavioural or psychological aspects of feeding bones but concentrates on the nutritional benefits. There is confusion around this latter point with some commentators talking about a 10-20% bone content and others focusing on the calcium content of particular recipes which will usually be 1% or less. Firstly..
Here at Cotswold RAW we are always delighted to have visits from our loyal customers - whether that be retailers or pet owners. Today we hosted the teams from Chesters Corner, Kingsheath B38 and the Natural Pet Centre, Bromborough, CH62 both quality independent pet retailers. We feel it is vitally important to offer our customers the opportunity to view production in progress and to see how we source and store all our fresh, premium ingredients.The teams enjoyed a tour of the production facility and on a day when we were producing our award winning sausages. Please feel free to ..
Bones are full of nutrients. It is easy to understand why the dog wants the meat and marrow, but what makes the bone itself so desirable? The answer is threefold. Firstly, bones contain a number of nutrients that are vital to your dog's health. These include – · minerals including calcium, magnesium and phosphorus,· essential amino acids,· essential fatty acids,· fat soluble vitamins (A, D and E),· blood forming nutrients (in the marrow) including copper and ironSecondly, meaty bones are nature’s toothbrushes. They keep your dog's teeth clean and gums healthy. Plaque can't build up and de..
All our meat comes from local or regional abattoirs or farms. We are particularly proud of our recent association with Martin Gilder. Martins Meats is a multi award winning butchers, specialising in locally produced, high quality, dry matured meat that is reared on Martin's own farm and on Farm Assured farms in the Cotswolds. A winner of numerous Great Taste Awards with his 28 day dry aged, on the bone, beef. Look out for our bone range that will feature Martin's award winning Longhorn Beef.  ..
Cotswold RAW nominated for Growing Business AwardAs a fledgling brand owner you always have to believe that you’re sitting on a cracking idea, something Mark & I have felt from Day.1 and yet competing in a highly cluttered and well financed premium pet food arena you’re never quite sure if your team’s hard earned efforts will ever be noticed.So imagine our surprise when the Wise Owls at the Growing Business awards (sponsored by Amazon and the all-knowing CBI) chose us as one of their shortlisted candidates, not simply as  a top pet food operator but as a Rural Business of the f..
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