Can I feed raw to my puppy?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Cotswold RAW is “Can I feed my puppy raw and if so how much?”.

New owners will find this article from the well respected Dogs Naturally Magazine useful even though it’s aimed at those who want to DIY raw feeding.

The short answer is yes you can feed raw once the puppy is weaned, typically around five or six weeks. The good news is that by feeding Cotswold RAW puppy food you don’t need to worry about matters such as the calcium/phosphorous ratio or the percentage of offal and you shouldn’t need any supplements.

How much to feed depends on many factors but 2-3% of the puppy’s eventual adult bodyweight won’t be far off. If you’re not sure what this will be try 10% of his or her current weight. Observe and adjust as necessary.

The final thing to remember is fresh water, fresh air and exercise, little and often, and if in doubt contact us.