Our Favourite Christmas Present Ideas | Gelert Behaviour

Who doesn’t buy their dog a Christmas present? Not many of us, I’m certain.

I thought it would be good to share some suggestions for really great doggy presents. I should add that I have nothing to do with any of these companies, they are all things I (or more precisely, my dogs!) have tried and tested.

1/ Pickpocket Foragers
These are fabulous for rainy day activities, for dogs recovering from surgery, for older dogs who aren’t able to exercise so much, for puppies whilst they are crated so their humans can get on with human activities – pretty much any dog will love them ! There are various versions, and can be found here

2/ Lickimats
If you’re a raw feeder, and you want your dog to take time eating, these are fabulous ! You simply spread the food on the mat, pop it down, and watch your dog extracting the food from all the crevices, then wash up. They’re really widely available, too, and inexpensive, a great doggy stocking filler.

3/ Gift voucher from My Animal Matters
I will never tire of watching Rachel Windsor Knott working with animals and allowing them to choose things to help heal themselves, it really does have to be seen to be believed ! One participant at a workshop we hosted with Rachel came under pressure from his wife, thinking it was all baloney and his comment at the end of the day after seeing his own dog working with Rachel was fabulous – the polite version is “I know longer think this is a load of rubbish”, but it was rather more vigorously expressed !

4/ Treats
Well, it wouldn’t be Christmas without treats, would it?! Cotwold RAW have a super range of chews including recreational bones, air dried ears and tails and meaty sticks. Any dog would be glad to receive a selection.

5/ A jumper or coat
If your dog is older, thin coated or just feels the cold, a good jumper or coat is a great investment. My favourites have “arms” and “legs” to keep necks, backs, elbows and hips toasty warm.

Something there for all dogs to suggest to Santa ! I hope that he visits and is good to all of your families this Christmas, Merry Christmas.