Vicky, Faida and Wizz share some tips on how to stay cool in this weather.

Its safe to say that summer has arrived, and the temperature’s this week have been difficult for our poor dogs, and it’s been making exercising tricky.

Faida and I had been going out running at 5am when it has been much much cooler, however i think i will be hanging up his canicross harness for a while. Not only do we have to watch the temperatures, but also the humidity. By the time we had finished our last 6k run, the humidity was over 60% and the temperature had soared.

This weekend we were due to be at a two day agility show, but I made the decision not to go. Judging usually starts at around 8.30am each day but by then, it was already 25°.

So with no running or agility, we have been seeking out the shadywoods and heading to the stream for a dip. Swimming is great exercise and works the muscles gently. Wizz has also been learning to swim too. At just 15 weeks old, she isn’t allowed to do too much in the way of exercise so swimming is perfect for her! She started off by making a HUGE splash, but quickly perfected her stroke!

While I feel we are missing out on competing and showing, my dogs safety is far more important than a rosette!”